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So the COVID-19 has sent the world into a spin and total lockdown.  Social distancing has become the new normal for the time being.  All social gatherings like parkrun and group running have been cancelled in Australia so it looks like we are all going to have to embrace limited contact with our social network for the time being.

A lot of us like running together, we go to our running groups, hang out with our friends afterwards and drink loads of coffee (or whatever floats your boat, for me it’s definitely coffee).  We are generally a social bunch who feel motivated by hanging out with our buddies talking all things running and not running related.

With this whole social distancing thing going on it looks like our running community will have to convert to solo training or training in small groups for the time being.

Benefits of running alone

As someone who has trained for multiple ironmans, marathons and then had two kids I have totally fallen in love with solo training.

Here are a few benefits of solo training

Clears the mind

Training alone gives us the opportunity to process whatever is going on in our life in a quiet space without someone chattering in our ear.  In these days of crazy busyness we are in high demand, few of us take the moment to pause and ponder what we are all about.  We get to know ourselves that bit better when we are training alone.  Plus it gives us space.  If you are an introvert or feeling overwhelmed with life and it’s responsibilities like me you would definitely know that feeling of needing space and quiet, especially if you have small children, or any children for that matter haha.

Focus on you

If we are running alone we can focus on all the things we should be focusing when we are running like posture, engaging our core, cadence, what the goal is of our run.  We can run as slow or fast as we want.

The downside of running in a group is we can end up doing someone else’s training plan which may not suit where we are in our training cycle.  Running too fast before we have built our bodies up to handle it can be a one way ticket to injury town.  We have all been there!


At the end of the day when we put our foot up to any start line we are running our own race whatever the distance may be.  We are responsible for how it all pans out.  Not our coach, not the training plan we have been following. Sure we can get advice but it is all on us.  Training alone gives us confidence in ourselves, our own abilities and our bodies.  We can totally do it solo.

Embrace solo running

There may not be any runs or races on at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t train for them.  Soon enough we all be back out there doing whatever takes our fancy.  Don’t let social distancing keep us from getting outside and doing the things we love.  Our running community has still got our backs, it might just be virtually for a little while.

I love listening to podcasts when I am running alone, especially on the long slow ones.

Here are a couple of my go to favs

Hanny Allston’s Find Your Feet

Rich Roll The Rich Roll Podcast

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