ITBS: Illiotibial Band Syndrome

The IT Band can be a super pain for runners.  It is a big arse band that goes along the outside leg from your hip to your knee that can get inflamed if you let your strength training slide or do too much too soon.  Runner’s generally feel pain along the outside of your knee, which can come on during a run once you have warmed up or it just hangs around once it is inflamed.  

ITBS is one of those injuries that is difficult to overcome if you don’t get onto it quickly and we definitely don’t want that! 

Factors that trigger ITBS include weak hips and glutes or if you are wearing worn running shoes or shoes can that cause your body to activate, load and move differently.

woman with knee pain

Recovery Tips

So here are some tips for your road to recovery and pain free running:

  1. Firstly check your shoes are they worn or are you wearing different shoes to what you normally would?
  2. Get some deep tissue massage and/or dry needling done to loosen those muscles up as quickly as possible;
  3. Daily rolling through glutes, quads, calves and psoas;
  4. Stretch daily focusing on the above areas; and
  5. Introduce a daily strengthening routine that focuses on the glutes, hip and core.

Rolling and Stretching

Here are a couple of  links to rolling, stretching and strengthening routines that will help get your body back on track and get you out there running!

Kelly Starrett has awesome videos on stretching and rolling for the IT Band.  Check out this one IT Band Hell

Strengthening Exercises

I highly recommend getting an exercise plan from a physio or similar health professional if you are have issues with your knee or IT Band.  It’s always better to have an accurate diagnosis rather than relying on doctor google.

Here are some example strengthening exercises you can incorporate into your routine.

If you want some ideas on how to getting back into running after an injury check out this article.

Good Luck!

Let me know how you go!