Have you thought about entering a virtual race?

Now that it looks like COVID-19 is hanging around for awhile yet. The running events that were postponed until later in the year are looking less likely to go ahead and have either gone virtual, cancelled or pushed out to 2021. Which totally sucks for those of us that love an event to keep us motivated with our training!

Some of us though are getting bored. Our time in lockdown has been going on for a bit too long now. There may be some normality coming back to our life, depending on where we are. Getting moving again and needing something to work towards might be back on the radar.  Plus probably most importantly, running is keeping us sane in a world gone mad.  Check out this article here on the role running has helped our mental health in lockdown.

If that’s you (bored and needing some running inspo) then venturing into the virtual world can help you get your running mojo back.

Virtual races are totally worth entering

Here are a some reasons why hitting the virtual race scene is totally worth it.

Gives you something to work towards

Runners LOVE events. We are pretty lucky to have had all these amazing events we can enter.  So many options! We enter events because they give us that buzz that soon we will be challenging ourselves to do something maybe we haven’t done before, whether that’s running a new distance or running a little bit (or a lot) faster.

Sure we can’t run with a heap of other people right now, which takes some of the fun out of it, but entering a virtual event at least means we can keep challenging ourselves to keep training and keep improving our running. Have a think about your long term goals. Do you want to be in the same place or somewhere not even close to the same place to where you are now?

Training solo can improve our running

Training on your own for a virtual event can totally improve our running. We can focus on us and our training without worrying about what anyone else is doing. Plus it really gives us the confidence that we can prepare and run our own race how we want to. Winning!  Check out this blog for all the benefits of solo training.

For those of us that are competitive

If we are one of those slightly competitive runners (ah I can’t deny it!), the idea of racing other runners and seeing how our time compares to others in our age group is one of the reasons we enter in the first place. If that’s you, entering the virtual run arena might not be that exciting. We might not be able to physically, in person race other runners, but we will still be able to compare our times. If that’s what motivates you and keeps you training then go for it!

That awesome sense of achievement

That feeling when we cross that finish line is pretty awesome. Sure when we do a virtual race we don’t have masses of people cheering us down the finish line shoot, or our supporters along the course yelling words of encouragement. But you know what. Completing a virtual event all on our own is something we should be super proud of. Not everyone can run an event all on their own. And even more impressive is running a personal best. Running a personal best without having someone to race you to the finish line is super inspiring. Bathe in that glory and sense of achievement. Post your pics on social media. You should be proud! Going virtual doesn’t take that feeling away.

solo man running

Virtual races are fun

This is the most important reason! Virtual racess can be super fun and motivating. We can still get all those awesome feels we get when you cross the finish line, we can still get that sense of achievement of doing something amazing (yes anyone who runs is amazing). They keep us working towards our health and fitness goals plus it’s a competitive outlet if that’s something that keeps you motivated to run.  All the fun face to face events will eventually come back and starting from scratch again after an extended period of doing not much, can be a painful process.  Staying fit and active will make sure we are ready to go when they do come back on-line.

And let’s be honest, surely any type of event is better than nothing. Lock down is getting pretty bloody boring!


If you are looking for an awesome way to keep motivated to work towards your running goals, be accountable and have a support crew cheering you on, check out the Eco Athlete For Life Run Challenge here.  Entries close midnight Monday 20th of May.  I would love it if you could join us!