Reach Your Running Potential With Effective and Sustainable Training and Nutrition

Get Clear On How You Can Run Faster, Further, Stronger For Your Next Event And The Long-Term

Do you want to hit a new personal best because you love seeing progress?

Are you struggling with fatigue, niggles and knowing how much is too much?

Are you showing up to an event feeling unprepared because you haven’t been able to train consistently?

Introducing The Sustainable Run Method

In The Sustainable Run Method running coaching program, you’ll get amazing support with an easy-to-follow training plan, nutrition support, regular coaching calls and strength and conditioning sessions.

Whether you are a beginner starting out with your running or a more experienced runner looking to run a personal best, The Sustainable Run Method will help putting all the pieces together so you can run further, faster, stronger for your next event and the long-term (even if you are super short on time).

Easy-to-follow Training Plan
Dedicated Personal Support
Weekly Online Group Coaching Calls
Strength Workouts Live Online or Face to Face (Sunbury, VIC, Australia)

The Sustainable Run Method can help

⇒ Runners that have a busy family /work life make the most of their time with training and nutrition that is prescribed to develop their unique physiology and how their body adapts to progress

⇒ Make sure you are accountable so  you show up consistently and get those sessions in

⇒ Give you easily accessible coaching support and feedback to improve your running

⇒ Run with less injuries and fatigue by balancing your training load, strengthening your body and fuelling your body appropriately

What Do We Do In The Sustainable Run Method?

Here are the three key components we concentrate on in The Sustainable Run Method to set you up for success for your next event and the long-term:

Building Your Aerobic Ecosystem –  To support your body to run further faster as effectively and sustainably as possible we take an evidence-based approach and focus on your unique physiology to improve your aerobic endurance, speed and develop muscular and structural strength – so you can run faster with less effort.

Plan Your Stress-Enhance-Adapt Cycles – To progress your running we need to balance increasing your training volume and intensity with recovery to allow your body to adapt to the training and move forward

Review Your Daily Nutrition and Race Day FuellingWe optimise your nutrition by analysing your energy and nutrient needs, ensuring you have enough fuel for training. We also offer a race day fueling and hydration plan to keep your energy steady, maintain pace, and prevent gut issues.

Here’s What You Get in The Sustainable Run Method

A Proven Training Plan

A 16 week goal-based training plan that considers your running history, where you are at right now and what your goals are.  The training plan is delivered in Trainingpeaks which makes getting started and tracking your progress super simple. Your training plan is a step-by-step plan that includes structured sessions including targeted run sessions, run-specific strength workouts, cross-training sessions and recovery sessions. 

Training plan, data and progress review

Your running pace and heart rate data alongside how you feel is reviewed weekly to ensure your training is progressing and aligns with how your body is adapting, life circumstances and your goals. 

Coaching Calls

You will be supported with 

  • weekly coaching calls where you I offer individualised support in a group setting to answer your questions, give feedback and we can learn from each other 
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls for ongoing personalised coaches feedback and support
  • Live online or face to face strength sessions (located in Sunbury, Victoria)
  • Weekly email check-ins and unlimited email/messenger support to keep you on track

Is The Sustainable Run Method For You?

There are all different types of runners inside The Sustainable Run Method!  From runners starting out or getting back into training after a break.  Runners that want to run a 10 k faster. Runners that are building up to a half marathon, marathon or ultra distance.  Trail runners that are loving nature and the hills 🙂

They may all be at different stages or have different goals.  But they all have some things in common. They want to:

Progress their running in a way that aligns with their body, health and time they have available

Train smarter not harder

Build a strong, resilient runners body

Thrive as a runner eating plants

Find support and answers to their training questions

Hi I’m Kathryn Proctor

Founder of Eco Athlete For Life and The Sustainable Run Method

I’m a Level 2 Athletics Australia running coach and Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach and sports nutrition coach with over 15 years of experience, including 10 as a vegan runner. 

I’ve mastered progressing running performance as a time poor runner (ha I have 3 kids!) through specific workouts, strength, mobility, recovery, and mental strategies, and thriving on a plant-based diet.

Clients using my Sustainable Run Method see better race times, feel stronger and tackle new distances confidently. 


What runners I have worked with have said

Without the training plan that Kathryn put together for me to build up to running two half marathons, I would not have been able to prepare so well, feel as confident nor improve my times in the way that I did.  She spoke to me about my goals, what exercise other than running I wanted included (such as pilates, cycling etc) and then created a plan that suited me and was easy for me to stick to.  The direction around the length of time to run and what pace to keep (i.e. easy, moderate, race pace) kept me on track.  Her advice around food and hydration has been invlauable.  Kathryn takes time to listen and gives advice that makes sense.


Last year I entered the London Marathon, the thought of running 42kms was very daunting.  

Knowing that I would never be able to keep the training up by myself, especially during the winter months, I would need a programme to help me achieve my end goal. After an initial call, I decided to join the Sustainable Run Method both to provide me with direction on what to do and to keep me accountable with my training. What I loved about the programme, was that Kathryn was able to adapt it to fit in with my lifestyle especially with travelling with work. She was able to provide guidance and was consistently checking in with me either by weekly emails or monthly phone calls.

I went from not really enjoying running and battling to motivate myself to completing my first ever marathon. I would definitely recommend this programme.


Before I started working with Kathryn, I was in doubt/confusion about whether I was doing the right things to make my running sustainable. I kept getting niggles like strained adductors and sore hamstrings and suspected that there was something missing from my strength training/cross training, but I wasn’t sure what. I also didn’t know if I was running too little or too much.  The most helpful thing about working together was being freed form the worry and the doubt. Knowing that I was in the hands of an expert, I could relax, follow the plan and learn what worked for me.  After working together I have a much better understanding about what my body needs and confidence in the sustainability of my running. I now spend much more of my time running super slow (and enjoying it!) and at the same time appreciate the hard efforts when they are called for.


With the program I became fitter and faster.  I built muscle, endurance and mental fitness as well.  This was through the learning modules, training sessions that were allocated and the guidance and reassurance that Kathryn gave when I needed it.


Kathryn is a very knowledgeable running coach.  Her practical advice and support has developed my love for running again.  With Kathryn’s help, I was able to set and achieve my running goals and exceeded my expectations.


Kathryn was very supportive throughout the program. I wasn’t able to achieve the set goal due to an injury and Kathryn accommodated my injury and level of fitness by altering the training to suit me. She advised on suitable exercises to get my strength up.


I really enjoyed training peaks as I enjoyed being able to see a whole week of training in advance… and I liked seeing the activities turn green when I had completed them! I enjoyed the variety of runs and all of the comments explaining what the purpose of the run was and what I should be trying to achieve. I really enjoyed incorporating other types of training eg the strength and mobility worked and really hope to continue with this going forward. But the best thing about the program was Kathryn’s support, wisdom and encouragement. I felt that Kathryn was there with me every step of the way. She went out of her way to ensure my training worked with my own social and work commitments. She was encouraging and motivating. The email check ups, the 1:1 calls, the groups calls all made me feel like I could reach out and ask questions and de brief throughout the whole journey. All of her support was invaluable and I have learnt so much from her! I also really enjoyed the youtube videos and modules.


I joined the sustainable run method for the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable running coach. I became much more concentrated and fluid in my running method and awareness of the need for dynamic warmups and careful cool downs. I enjoyed the detailed video each week, excellent links to warmup stretches, foam rolling and the variety of running programs to try from Fartlek, to progressive, to long sustained runs. I valued the one-to-one communication with a personal and professional running coach.


Despite rarely running more than five kms I ran City to Surf 14kms four years ago. I  decided to return to this iconic run this year with a goal of running a PB. However after moving house and leaving my running buddies behind I lacked committment and my progress was poor. Kathryn and The Sustainable Run Method saved me.

I was attracted by  the offer of a variety in the training sessions and support by a coach who was able to adapt my program along the way. Access to Training Peaks and frequent feedback (always postive) from Kathryn kept me motivated and committed. 
The concept of focussing on time rather than distance was new to me as was the benefit of training slow to run faster. Both aspects really helped me improve over time.

Then I got an injury. Kathryn adapted my program to keep me on track and there I was crossing the finish line almost three minutes faster than in 2019. PB done. Yay. I was thrilled. 
I would highly recommend Kathryn and The Sustainable Run Method to all.

Do you want to achieve your running goals on a plant-based diet?

Are you struggling to fit training in with your lifestyle?

Are you a beginner and don’t know where to start?

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